Beach to Beach

Stoer Bay - Balchladich Bay

You can start this walk from our B&B and it takes about 3 hours along the beautiful coast of the North-West Highlands. During this 5 mile walk you have the most amazing views over the Ocean and when you are lucky you can even see the Isle of Lewis.

NC500 - Stoer Bay to Balchladich Bay

NC500 - Stoer Bay to Balchladich Bay

When you leave our B&B go right on the single track (B869) for about 1.5 miles. When you reach Stoer Bay walk to the sea and turn right and just follow the coastline till you reach Balchladich Bay.

Here you enter the single track road again (C1125), turn right and follow this road for about 1 mile till you reach the B869 again, take a turn left and after 500 yards you see our B&B.