Single Track Road

The B869 coastal road is a single track road and The Green Cruachan is directly located on this populair tourist route. Click here for a video.

There are few of these types of road left in the UK, its important to know how to drive on them. This wee short film gives you a guide on how to negotiate your way along safely, with care and consideration.

A single track road or one-lane road is a road that permits two-way travel but is not wide enough in most places to allow vehicles to pass one another. To overcome this problem single-track roads are provided with passing places.

Also please be aware of all the animals walking on our roads. When you drive in the Highlands you might find sheep on the road, you can read more about it here.

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Driving on a Single Track Road

Download here the leaflet with some useful tips, in 6 languages, how to drive on a single track road.