Golden Eagle

NC500 Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle Facts

Common Name: Golden Eagle

Scientific Name: Aquila chrysaetos

Type: Birds

Diet: Carnivore

Average Life Span in the Wild: 30 years

Size: 33 to 38 inches

Wingspan: 6 to 7.5 feet

Weight: 6 to 15 pounds

Territories of Golden Eagle (a huge bird of prey, with only the white-tailed eagle larger in the UK) pairs may be as large as 60 square miles, they are monogamous and may remain with their mate for several years or possibly for life.

They nest in high places, like cliffs, trees, or human structures such as telephone poles and the Golden Eagle build huge nests to which they may return for several breeding years. Females lay from one to four eggs, and both parents incubate them for 40 to 45 days.

The Golden Eagle has long broad wings and longish tail, which is a different outline to the smaller buzzard.