Handa Island

Handa Island

Magnificent sandstone cliffs rise from the Atlantic ocean on the north west coast of Handa Island. Each summer, nearly 100,000 seabirds breed here, including internationally important numbers of guillemots, razorbills and great skuas. These dramatic cliffs provide stunning ocean panoramas.

How to go to Handa Island

Handa Island is a little more than 1 hour drive from The Green Cruachan, you can drive all the way up on the single road to Kylesku Bridge and then take the A894, or you can drive to Lochinver, take the A837 and then drive up North on the A894, Tarbet is signposted from the A894 about 3 miles north of Scourie.

There is a pedestrian ferry service to Handa Island which runs on demand from Tarbet on the mainland during the visitor season (from early April to late August/early September).

Why visit Handa Island?

  • Internationally important for seabirds
  • Amazing sight of a live seabird colony
  • Spectacular views
  • Fascinating history

Handa Island: Best time to visit

  • Apr to Jul for breeding seabirds
  • Mid-May to July for puffins

For more information about the island and the ferry click here.