Falls of Kirkaig

Falls of Kirkaig NC500 - Bed and Breakfast Highlands of Scotland


The Falls of Kirkaig is a very powerful waterfall 40 miles (64 km) North of Ullapool and 7 miles (10 km) South of Lochinver, in the North Western Highlands of Scotland.


From Lochinver you can drive south in the direction of Inverkirkaig and then drive further along the river Elder’s Pool until there is a sharp bend to the right and you cross the river Kirkaig, here is a car park.


The walk starts at the bridge below Achins bookshop, then cross the road and head through the kissing gate, the hike is a 4 km (one way) trail on a mostly good path on the north side of the river, at the end, the river Kirkaig thunders down over 18 meters, an amazing waterfall! Besides the falls, there are some spectaculair and beautiful views and bird watching opportunities.

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