Culag Woods

Culag Woods NC500 - Bed and Breakfast Highlands of Scotland


Culag Woods is a Local Community Woodland Project and have been made into an excellent facility for short walks and is situated within walking distance of the village of Lochinver in The Highlands of Scotland. So, if you want, you can leave the car in the village and enjoy your walks.


You can also take your car with you to beginning of the walk, because there are two car parks. The one at the Southern end is called ‘Woodside’ and the main Car Park is on the North. There is also a third access point to Billy’s Path, it is beyond the Lifeboat and Coastguard buildings in the harbour area and this is also within walking distance of Lochinver village.


Culag Woods give lovely views and contain several sculptures and surprises. For such a small woodland Culag Wood holds a huge variety of wildlife, the most obvious are the Herons, who come to Culag Wood to nest in the breeding season. These huge birds start to build their nests from as early as March, right at the top of the trees. In the spring the Culag Woods really come alive with all the birds, the Great Spotted Woodpeckers have become established and their strum calls can be heard echoing around the woods.


The Lochinver area is a special place for wildlife and for humans too, a place where the tenure is peace and quietness. Plant life, particularly mosses and lichens, flourish and so is the bird and insect life, the  marked paths in the woods lead to various areas of special interest.

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