kylesku bridge

Kylesku Bridge NC500 - Bed and Breakfast Highlands of Scotland

History of the Bridge

A passenger ferry was introduced in the early 1800s and over the years various ferries came and went, and small car-carrying ferries first appeared between the wars. It was only in 1976 that the Maid of Glencoul, built in Ardrossan, became the first vessel capable of carrying fully loaded commercial vehicles. If the ferry was not running, traffic would have to make the long 100 mile detour inland to Lairg.


The Bridge Today

The Kylesku Bridge was opened in 1984 by the Queen is 276m long and crosses a 130m stretch of water. The bridge is transformed into something very special by its wonderfully curved design and the stunning scenery of Sutherland.


Take a look at the Bridge

The best place to see the construction of the bridge is, either from a car park on the northern side or from one at a lower level on the southern side. It gives an interesting insight into the way the bridge was constructed, plus views of its underside.

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