First of all you have to rethink, it is the first step in the Waste Reduction hierarchy. Rethink the ways you are currently making choices, because there many simple and eco-friendly options. For instance an in-home composter for your organic waste instead of tossing your food scraps in the garbage. The more we can complete the first step, the less we have to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.


As a consumer we always have a choice, we could for instance just say no! We can make better choices and learn how to shop smarter, this will help our planet! Refuse plastic grocery bags by bringing your own reusable bags to a store or refuse to buy items with excessive packaging is a good example.


It sounds difficult to Reduce our eco-footprint, however, there are healthy and smart alternatives we can make. We can pack a zero-waste lunch or bike to work in stead of taking our car? Reducing the amount of waste we use and making greener choices, reduces the overall amount we take our landfill!


Not every item that you want to bring to the recycle or throw away is considered “junk”? Through the eyes of another, it may not be waste, so think before you throw it away! Reuse it.


Recycling is the last step in our waste reduction hierarchy. If you couldn’t rethink it, refuse it, reduce it, reuse it and then recycle it!

We can make our community a cleaner and greener place to live and to pass onto our future generations! By using recycled materials we can save our natural resources.

Remember to think smart, recycle smart.

Read here our blog about our next steps to become more green; we received a Green Tourism Silver Award in 2019.